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Prism Physics is excited to offer you an alternative solution to your personnel dosimetry needs!

Prism Physics has partnered with MIRION TECHNOLOGIES to bring you the latest technology in the dosimetry market.

Introducing Instadose+™

Instadose+™ Is As Cost Effective As Standard TLD Badges Yet Offers Increased Benefits: 
·       Real-Time Dose Reporting
·       Badge Reassignment Capabilities
·       Eliminated Badge Collection/Return Process
·       Increased Compliance
·       Track And Control Dose For High Risk Employees
·       Email Alerts When A Dose Exceeds A User-Specified Level
·       Secure Web-Based Management
·       On-Line Reporting
·       App For Use With Smart Devices

Contact PRISM Physics for more information on Instadose+™ and how you can save time managing your dosimetry program!

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