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Radiographic equipment

  • Integrity of unit assembly
  • Collimation and radiation beam alignment
  • Image artifacts
  • kVp accuracy and reproducibility
  • Linearity of exposure versus mA
  • Exposure reproducibility
  • Timer accuracy
  • Beam quality (half-value layer)
  • Equipment radiation safety functions
  • Digital image receptor performance

Additional Services Available:

Fluoroscopic equipment

  • Integrity of unit assembly
  • Fluoroscopic system resolution
  • Automatic exposure control system performance
  • Image artifacts
  • Fluoroscopic phantom image quality
  • Timer integrity
  • Beam quality assessment (half-value layer)
  • Fluoroscopic exposure rates
  • Image receptor entrance exposure
  • Fluoroscopic alignment test
  • Equipment radiation safety functions
  • Patient dose monitoring system calibration
  • Video and digital monitor performance

Radiographic and Fluoroscopic equipment